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When disaster hit Lebanon, the Safe Spaces team was there to help.

As always, Safe Spaces Lebanon is committed to responding to needs as they arise, considering how we can best serve and help, and keeping a close eye on the situation in the region.


Due to skirmishes at the southern border of Lebanon, our sources estimate that as many as 60,000 Lebanese and previously displaced Palestinians and Syrians have now evacuated the area and have begun moving north. Similar reports have come from the mountains of Beirut, where bombs can be heard and people are similarly seeking safety. Many of these people will come in the direction of Saida, the city where our school and community center are located. In addition, Saida is home to the largest Palestinian refugee camp, Ein El-Helwei, and it is therefore likely that many Palestinians will be heading to Saida as well.


While we do not yet have a clear picture of what will come, we ask for your prayers and financial support to allow us to respond in critical ways. Most obviously, our community center will provide meals for displaced people as much as our budget will allow. If you would like to support these and other efforts, donate here.

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Safe Spaces Lebanon is a multi-faith non-profit that leverages the resources of faith communities and individuals in the US to empower refugees and others in need who are experiencing the devastating effects of war.

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