Summer Camp 2022

Our Safe Spaces tradition of summer camp continues! This year, our students took cooking classes, conducted science experiments, and got to dance, draw, and make music! From robotics lessons to nail painting, we are always finding new experiences to offer our students to support their learning. And of course, we want them to have FUN! So we make sure to add in sports days, games, parties, and other ways to celebrate the joy of childhood. Summer camp is only possible through our generous donors, and we thank you for giving our Safe Spaces kids a full year of education, community, and fun.

A Day of Hope

Today was a wonderful, hope-filled day. We set up and decorated the classrooms for tomorrow’s opening, thanked our instrumental partners and support team who made this possible, and watched the dreams, prayers, fundraising, regrouping, and listening come to culmination. From vision and ideas to a dream that opens tomorrow, may we all believe our small, collaborative steps can make big change. #safespaceslebanon