Board Meeting Update

Tonight at our U.S. Board meeting, we heard updates on our team in Lebanon. While the country is experiencing many hardships, our Safe Spaces team continues to find creative ways to provide a stable presence.

Despite the electricity outages (electricity is available only an hour or two each day across Lebanon), students have been able to continue to meet for school. And our school administrator, Ghaleb Charif, has set up a carpool for our teachers since fuel shortages have made transportation difficult.

We are so proud of our team for being so dedicated to this work, and we will continue to support them in every way to ensure their continued success. We ask for your prayers for them and for everyone in Lebanon as they continue to navigate these difficult economic times.

Robotics at Safe Spaces Center

Thanks to the team at Maker Play Parish, who presented Safe Spaces Lebanon Center with Robotics equipment, it has been possible to include Robotics technology in our 2021 Summer Camp program. The Safe Spaces Lebanon team is introducing computer systems and coding to build and control a robot. Although unfamiliar with the concept, our students showed eagerness to learn the needed soft skills, which will broaden their horizons in innovation and scientific development.

Summer Camp 2021

As we launch the 2021 Summer Camp, we organized a sports day at the StreetBall Sports Club with the participation of the Safe Spaces Lebanon team. Our kids were excited, teaming up and shifting between football, basketball, ping pong, badminton, and others. After their exercise, our athletes were presented with a healthy breakfast to recover their energy.

2021 Summer Camp

With the end of the school exams, Safe Spaces Lebanon Center launched the 2021 Summer Camp.
The center’s staff and students alike showed enthusiasm for spending the summer engaging in educational and recreational activities while building the students confidence and independence.
The Safe Spaces team thanks the donors, and supporters for their great role in implementing the NGO’s goals, especially through the current regional, and global circumstances.