The Latest Updates from Safe Spaces

Surprise visit to Lebanon

May 28, 2021

Board chair Rev. Rachel Baughman, Vice President Dr. Ghassan Charif, and Board members Mr. Jamir Griffin, and Mrs. Danielle Shroyer travelled to Lebanon for a supportive visit last week. During their visit, they accompanied the Lebanon office Director Mr. Ghaleb Charif to our center where they met with the students and the team. They also…

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Eid Al-Fitr at the school

May 15, 2021

To double the fun, Safe Spaces Center organized an even that celebrates both Eid Al-Fitr and the achievements of our outstanding students. After various activities that demonstrated a great team spirit and cooperation between the students, Safe Spaces Center distributed gifts and wished the kids a lovely Eid. Happy Eid to all, may it be…

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Food Distribution

Apr 17, 2021

The second arrival of The holly month of Ramadan during the economical crisis is definitely worrying for many families in Lebanon. It was therefore evident that Safe Spaces reorganises distributions of food parcels to the families in the Naddaf center. It is more than ever than our sense of solidarity is tested, and it is…

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Apr 12, 2021

Safe Spaces Saida team has honored the holy month at saida center.Among more than 20 child from the syrian refugees in lebanon, the facilitators entertain the children using educational aids, face paintings, card boards, and handmade gifts from the content of this occasion. SafeSpacesLebanon #ramadan #holymonth #fasting #ramadan2021 #ramadankareem #mercy #students #team #syrianrefugees

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Teacher Workshop

Apr 12, 2021

Safe spaces saida team had the chance today to collaborate with Ms. Hiba kassem, Gender coordinator.The workshop was held at safe spaces saida area titled as (effective communication skills) regarding its obstacles, channels, process, and techniques for a better and safe work environment among each other and the students). SafeSpacesLebanon #teacher #team #collaboration #effective #communicaton…

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Children’s Day at the Safe Spaces Center

Mar 26, 2021

Nothing is comparable to a child’s smile.On the occasion of Children’s Day, Safe Spaces Lebanon Center celebrated with the students in the presence of the Lebanon office director Mr. Ghaleb Charif.The ceremony included entertaining and intellectual activities. In groups, our students participated in several games, and competitions enhancing their teamwork spirit and sportsmanship. Group photos…

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Back to School

Mar 19, 2021

Our center reopened its doors after the long lockdown, allowing the students to get back to their Arabic, English, Maths, and computer classes regularly.Welcome back students, we are happy to have you back in your second home. SafeSpacesLebanon #lockdown #students #syrianrefugees #backtoschool #covi̇d_19 #teacher #coronavirus #learning #study

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Parent and Teachers meetings

Mar 15, 2021

As our center takes off again with in-person learning, parents were invited to an open day where they were updated about the academic performance of their kids. The teachers took the time to discuss the students strengths, skills and possible areas of development. Mr. Ghaleb Charif, Director of the Lebanon Office, held group meetings with…

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Teacher’s Day Celebration

Mar 9, 2021

Safe Spaces Lebanon celebrated Teachers’ Day, thanked the team for all its efforts and the teachers for their crucial role in educating and supporting our students.Safe Spaces Lebanon’s Director Mr. Ghaleb Charif thanked the team on behalf of the Board of Directors, praising its dedication and management skills under the circumstances the world and surely…

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International Women’s Day

Mar 8, 2021

“Feminism isn’t about making women stronger. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength – is so much more than you would ever expect”. G.D AndersonInternational Women’s Day. #SafeSpacesLebanon#8thofmarch#women#internationalwomensday#lebanon#feminist#strong#strongwomen

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